LGV category C Training

LGV category C Training in Leeds

The most important point to make is that there is no difference between LGV training and HGV training. It is simply that HGV is the British terms of a truck over 7.5 tons (unladen) and LGV is the European term for a truck of the same weight. HGV stands for a Heavy Good Vehicle, and LGV stands Large Goods Vehicle. Most LGVs are now automatic so there is no restriction if you pass in an automatic so long as you passed in a manual for your car licence.

£800 - 20 hours training

Our training is based on the intense and concentrated 'crash course' method that takes advantage of short-term memory to teach principles in quick, focused bursts. Our experience has taught us that this is the most effective way to approach learning the tremendous amount of information necessary to be an LGV class 2 driver. Our approach aids learning and retention so that you do not have to take the course multiple times.

Course Length - Some training companies can put you through long and cumbersome courses that lead to training programmes that could take 6 to 12 months to complete. Long courses aren’t necessary as you won’t recall information when test time does arrive. We believe this is a waste of your time and money. We keep our courses short, focusing only on the information you need to know to pass your tests.

Experienced Instructors - Each of our instructors is an experienced professional who has spent time working in the real world as an LGV driver. They know more than just book knowledge; they actually know what it's like to drive a commercial vehicle for a living. Their experience is invaluable to you.

We succeed in giving individualised help and support that is required. If one student is particularly adept at learning and does not require any extra one-on-one support, we do not hold that student back. We let him/her go to learn at his/her pace. If another student appears to be struggling, we provide the extra help and support that will carry him or her through. Whatever it takes to guarantee you earn your licence, we are willing to do.

We believe Prospect School of Motoring offers you the best LGV class 2 training deal anywhere in the UK. Because we are able to use the internet to publish all of our information, you now know what we can offer you. We hope you will take advantage of everything you have learned in this guide by contacting us to sign up for LGV class 2 training. You can call us on our telephone number 07561 826 200.

What it will cost you in Total

  • First you will need a medical for LGV class 2 £50 ( Google LGV medical near me )
  • Apply for an LGV provisional licence (forms from post office)
  • First class stamp 67p
  • Need to study and pass the LGV theory test at any test centre called ‘1a’ £26
  • Need to study and pass the LGV hazard perception test at any test centre called ‘1b’ £11
  • You are then ready for 20hrs of LGV class 2 practical training including 2 hrs for the driving test £800
  • This is followed by your ‘driving ability’ test £115

When you have passed you will need your DriverCPC part 2 case study and DriverCPC part 4 practical demonstration. This is so you can get a job and drive for hire or reward. these can be done at any test centre.

  • DriverCPC part 2 £23
  • DriverCPC part 4 £55

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