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MEWP Scissor Lift

Training Courses


3A - Mobile Verticial

3A MEWP Scissor Lift training courses can be provided at Customer Premises.

Scissor lifts are large mobile vertical lifts that are used for a variety of applications in both indoor and outdoor spaces, where a straight lift is required for access. They are often found in construction and facility maintenance operations and are designed to elevate workers and their tools to heights ranging from  5.9 m. They are typically used for lifting, stacking, and transporting.

We provide training on the following categories:

Novice training - Operators with no previous experience. 
Duration: 1 Day

Experienced operator training - Operators with some experience but uncertified. Duration: 1 Day

Conversion training - Conversion training from one type of truck to another. Duration: 1 Day

Refresher training - Periodic refresher training for certified operators. Duration: 1 Day

On successful completion of this training course trainees will be able to operate the machine safely and skillfully. They will have practiced manoeuvring the machine in confined areas, stacked and de-stacked at various levels and will have been instructed in pre-shift inspection and refuelling procedures.

For upcoming course dates, please contact us on 07561826200

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