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Terms And Conditions

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Cancellation By Customer

Once the course is confirmed in writing and responded on final booking email, we can only cancel the booking 7 days prior to the first day of your course date, after this time you have the right to reschedule to a maximum of 4 days before training but if the training is cancelled 50% charge will be applied. After 4 days (72h) before training you lose the right to reschedule, and the full cost of the booking must be paid. The course cost will also be payable in full.

Invoice Clearance

An invoice will become live 7 days before training commences and should be cleared to a maximum of 15 days after the last day of training. Please make sure that the enclosed invoice is forwarded to your Accounts Department for prompt payment.


The Certification will be printed and sent within 14 days after receiving the invoice payment or up to 14 days after training completion (whatever is further) and will be sent 1st class recorded delivery.

Cancellation Because Of Risk for Health and Safety

Lector Trainers will attempt to deliver training in all weather conditions, however, if a decision is made by either trainer or/and site supervisor that it is unsafe to continue due to a risk to health and safety then this may incur a charge. This charge could be for the remaining hours of the current day, as well as any additional days that may be required to complete the course.

Late Payment

Lector reserves the right to charge reasonable administration costs/interest where settlement is unduly delayed. The administration cost that will be added to the late payment is £25 per month or 1% per day of the due amount, whatever is greater at the end of the calendar month when we will send charge notice and penalty invoice.

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